Welcome to Portland United Church - the church on the hill overlooking the Crescent Valley, and an important fixture in Saint John's North End area. A hearty welcome is extended to you if you are visiting us here on the internet for the first time. We hope that you will be able to join us for worship each Sunday at 11:00am. We have lots of activities planned for this year with so many wonderful ways to worship God through song, prayer, study, music, sharing meals, welcoming new members. Come and help us, we would love to see you! Thank you for visiting with us and may God continue to walk with you on your journey and give you peace!

2015 and Easter at Portland United.....

We have welcomed a new year and a new and interesting time for us at Portland, for our church is now planning for the next phase in our search for a new minister. The committee tasked with the hiring process has been formed to select a candidate to lead us in our church family and life as we move forward toward completing this very important step in the process. We wished Rev. Jennifer and her family our goodbyes back in November, and we will remember the many fond memories of her tenure here. Alas, time marches on and so too do our lives and the work at Portland. We are very pleased that Rev. Ron Vincent has accepted a short-term supply until the Easter season. We have enjoyed meeting Rev. Ron, and we are enjoying his services we are attending. We extend a warm welcome to Rev. Ron, and to you. The winter weather has meant we cancelled a few services, but we are seeing the end of winter in a few weeks and we look forward to the Easter season and to spring. We have many services planned for the Lenten time leading up to the most Holy of time in our church calendar. Please see the list of services planned for this time. Won't you join us for our services, with our Portland family?




The JNAC report was passed by Presbytery at their meeting on March 20th. We have successfully completed another step in the process towards finding a new minister! It may seem to be taking quite awhile, since Jennifer left us in October, but in fact we have been managing to work our way though the required process without any delays. The first meeting of the Joint Search Committee has been tentatively scheduled for Thursday the 19th.


The Portland Light

The Spring Edition of The Portland Light will be available for you to pick up at the church on Palm Sunday. Please pick up your newsletter then to help us save on mailing expenses.



If you would like to place a memorial in the Easter Bulletin please contact the Church Office. You can speak to Donna directly if you call Monday through Friday mornings, or you can leave a message at other times by calling 632-4030.



**N O T I C E **

The "Joint Needs Assessment Committee" report is now on line for you to view. Click here to read the report.


C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S BARRY - Celebrating 50 years of Church Music Leadership!

A book of photos from the Open House has been made, and if you wish to view it, please contact the office, and arrangements can be made to view it.


Pastoral Care Committee: A reminder for those wishing a visitation

If you know of any member who is shut-in, and would like a visitation by one of the committee members, please contact the church office (632-4030), and Donna will pass along the information to the committee. We are truly blessed to have this hardworking committee who regularly visit those who are unable to attend our services, or who wish a contact with their church in times of need.


Become Involved in your Church!

1. Church Council:

Portland United Church Volunteer Opportunities: The important day-to-day work of the congregation of Portland United is done largely by volunteers. The Nominating Committee is searcing for volunteers to fill a number of positions for our Church Council, in anticipation of current members whose terms will expire during the next two years. Terms for membership in the council is for a two year period. The positions on Council consist of a number of committees (13), with chairs of each, and members for each committee (48 in total, but more added as needed).

Current vacancies for you to consider are:

- Presbytery Representatives (1 position);

- Pastoral Care (More members would be welcomed: male members needed);

- Youth Representative

Information about these positions is available in the church office in "A Guide To Our Council System". Potential volunteers who have an interest in these positions, and in providing service to the church, are encouraged to contact the church office, or by contacting Bob Bond, Chair of the Nominating Committee (672-1313).

2. Help Wanted!

Our Counting Teams are in need of some help. This job requires a short time after church one Sunday a month. Training will be provided. Please contact the church office if you could assist with this request.


Worship Services

Regular services are held each Sunday, at 11:00 am.


Lenten and Easter Services Schedule

Instead of giving up something for Lent as many people do, why not use this time to try to get closer to God? The Lord's Prayer, "...forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us..." reminds us that when we hold grudges and keep score we are going in a direction that is bad for us spiritually. It is part of human nature to look after our own interests and be suspicious that others may be taking advantage of us; obviously it is not good to let other people abuse you. But at the same time this is the road to unhappiness to be constantly on the defensive blaming other people if they disappoint us. The season of Lent is a good time to work on spiritual growth by letting go of this tendency to keep score in terms of ourselves versus others. Turning to God can help us be aware of the times when we let fear and suspicion motivate us. During Lent we can practice generosity and find joy in greater closeness to God and to other people.

The mid-week Lenten Communion Services will be held again this year with Rev Ron Vincent officiating.
Services will be each Wednesday morning at 10:30 throughout Lent (February 18th until April 1st) in the Chapel.
Refreshments and fellowship will follow in the Narthex

Note: To find out if the Wednesday morning Lenten Service is canceled, please check for school closures. Our service will also be canceled whenever the Anglophone School District South is closed due to bad weather.

Palm Sunday Service will be on March 28th at 11 am.

Maundy Thursday Communion Service will be April 2nd at 7pm.

Good Friday Service will be April 3rd at 11 am led by members of the Worship Committee

Easter Sunday Service will be April 5th at 11 a.m.


This Week at Portland United Church

Friday 20th of March
String Quartet
Saturday 21st of March
Sunday 22nd of March
Regular Sunday Service with infant baptism
Grace Communion
Monday 23rd of March
Music lessons
Tuesday 24th of March
Centennial School Lunch Program
Bible Study in the parlour 7:15 P.M.
Music Lessons
Wednesday 25th of March
Centennial School Lunch Program
Lenten Service 10:30 in the chapel
Music Lessons
Thursday 26th of March
Centennial School Lunch Program
Joint Search Committee
Music Lessons
Friday 27th of March
Food Safety training
Saturday 28th of March
Men’s Breakfast
Music Lessons
PASS potluck
Sunday 29th of March
Palm Sunday Service